Tips For the Internet Marketing Newbie to Relieve Confusion

As Hendrix said, “there must be some way out of here.” And not to worry all you Internet Marketing Newbies, there is, I promise. One thing we all have to keep in mind when dealing with newbies to the world of IM is that we were all there at one point and now all we can do is try to help the next generation coming in to be bigger and better than their predecessors. So to all of you newbies out there, take heart, and notes, and make the following your road map to success.

- Study direct mail marketing: I was not really aware of the connection between us and them until I read one of the classic books on direct marketing and copywriting called The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy. Just short of saying that you, as an IM newbie, should read everything by this man, I will say that studying a lot of his texts and others like it, you will realize that our whole industry comes from direct mail marketing. Technology has just adapted it to include the whole Internet instead of the postal mail system.

- Internet Marketing Forums:You should also hang out in and make comments in any IM forums you can find. The two most popular public forums in my opinion are Warrior Forum and Wicked Fire. These are the kinds of places that everyone you should know, study, and work with posts on. IM Forums are the main social networking area for all people in IM so these are the places for you to get known, and more importantly learn IM information from, more than you could possibly use in one lifetime.

- Blog in the IM Niche: This is the other major way Internet marketers stay in touch and learn from one another. There are hundreds and hundreds of such blogs in the IM niche and many many more in the numerous micro niches that exist in IM. So my best advice is just to read and post questions and comments on as many of them as you can find until a few of them start to converse back. You can learn a lot from other’s mistakes and you will know not to make them yourself.

- Always ask Questions: I am going to be cliché here and say that the only stupid question is the one not asked. You should ask any question that comes to mind. It will make everything easier on you when you finally find an answer to the questions that you have pondered the most. A lot of IM concepts and terms are not in any other form of life or communication so you can not be expected to know them off-hand unless taught by someone who has been there and used that. There are so many ways to make money online and so many people that have been at it for ten years or more, that someone will be able to answer your question.

I advise at this point to try incorporating all four of these tips in your IM career in the beginning. You should begin studying direct marketing and read some blogs. You should get on some forums and ask as many questions as you can as well. There is no other way to find out what sort of community you belong to and each forum is like it’s own family with it’s own way of dealing with everything. One will feel better to you than others, so get out there and find where you belong.