Direct Marketing – Common Mistakes

In this ever changing world there’s always something new and exciting to learn and this is also the case with direct marketing. There are many of us who ignore the fact that there is always something new and useful to find out and something that could make a huge difference in selling our packages, so we advise you to be informed before starting any marketing campaigns. Research and information go hand in hand and in the field of direct mail, both of them are essential.A common mistake with most direct mail providers is the fact that they don’t include in their package a sales letter, which is the most important part of the package. This letter creates the illusion of personal communication and people are usually trained to view letters as real mail and brochures as advertising. The best thing of direct marketing is to find out exactly what your customer wants to hear and to tell it to him in the email you send. Furthermore, don’t send any messages that don’t contain an offer, since the purpose of the email is to receive an answer.In order to be successful, a direct mail package must comprise a message meant to sell the offer and not the product itself. Make sure you have an irresistible offer in your mailing message and keep in mind that some important offers for direct marketing are: free brochure, free analysis, free consultation, free demonstration, free catalog, etc. Your offer is meant to increase the reader’s desire to receive your offer. Lack of content is the worst mistake you can make when sending marketing emails. The purpose of these messages is not to make an impact related to image and design but to generate a response within a short period of time.One of the fastest modalities of killing the response you are waiting for is being superficial. Talking vaguely, about generalities and rambling without any authority on a certain subject will not show potential customers that you understand their needs, their problems and their industries. Factual direct mail messages are a must, even if this means that you will have to spend a little more time digging for facts. Studying the product, the prospect and the marketing problem will enable you to write a good copy, one that will reach the targeted audience. In direct marketing you don’t have to save the best for the end because starting slow and ending with a great conclusion is not good enough in this sort of marketing.Successful sales letters used in direct mail include: asking provocative questions, going straight to the bottom of the reader’s concern, arousing curiosity and presenting your offer from the very beginning. The hot spots of direct marketing are: the first paragraphs of the letter, the subheads, last paragraph and the post script, so make sure you put the best in one of these places. Another frequent mistake is the poor follow up. It is essential to start making phone calls after 48 hours from when your email was sent. Thus, you can be sure that people will remember you and what you are talking about.

Direct Mail for Taco Stands

All businesses must advertise and that includes small businesses that you would never consider. For instance Taco Stands need to advertise and if you notice that is why they usually have rather large funky signs to attract customers and yes this is affective, but it takes more than simple signage to maintain the customer base needed to propel such a small business and insure their success.Taco Stands must consider localized, affective ways to advertise on a shoe string and they must capitalize on such marketing and advertising programs, which serve their local markets. Direct-mail and direct-mail marketing coupon packages for taco stands makes sense because people are always hungry and the taco stand makes more money when it sells more tacos.Taco stands generally have most of their customers coming from a 6-mile radius and it makes sense to send out direct-mail marketing packages to people within that area. “Buy two tacos and get one free” is a potential coupon. Also taco stands should realize that the days, which they are the slowest should be the days when the offer is good and this brings in customers on their off days and non-peak period times. Please consider this in 2006.

Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are the new category or group of countries which are selling their debt and different types of bonds in financial markets worldwide and are always open to implement the reforms that are demanded by investors. This is generally done to increase the inflow of foreign investment in their country as this helps in creating a more favorable environment for the foreign investors thus boosting confidence to invest.

None of the emerging countries can be declared safe from the potential consequences of instability that is mainly characterized by the international flow of financial capital and its effects are on the weakest links in the system.

Countries will have to direct their policies to reduce their vulnerability to financial crises. As one after another most of the emerging markets have starting opting for the unilateral solutions as it not feasible to make changes in the international financial system.

Dozens of countries can be considered as emerging economies, although they are being developing at their own pace and they particularly suffer setbacks in this process. Now, as many emerging markets show signs of having a strong middle class and which is growing in number at a great pace, thus analysts wonder whether the term has lost some of its meaning.

At first the phrase developing countries applied to Asian economies with a rapid rate of growth as well as the countries of Eastern Europe whose economies started expanding after the fall of the Berlin Wall. As interest grew in market economies investors began looking to Latin America in search of emerging markets and finally to countries like Indonesia, Thailand, China, India and Russia.

We understand that emerging markets does not seem a bad option to invest, however it is not easy to go directly to these markets and set up shops, because the information available about Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong or New York is not particularly clear. These conditions suggests that possibly the best option for individual investors is to go through managed funds.

Some of the direct indications that can be deduced about these markets is that the emerging markets of developing countries have high growth but with high risks in the financial and monetary sector. The economic indicators are emerging markets GDP, inflation and foreign direct investment (FDI) describe the analysis. On the current status of emerging markets, being hit by the global crisis facing the macroeconomic effects of the crisis, being one of the signs that unemployment is growing every day in the global context. The forecasts for 2009 are not very encouraging because the global crisis is one of the challenge that the market economies of developing countries have to face.