What Niche Market Should You Target?

I recently posted a question on Facebook… It went like this: “It’s a lot easier to turn a ship that’s moving in the wrong direction than it is to turn a ship that’s not moving at all” What do you think, is that true or false?

Well, just as many commented and agreed with me – in niche market terms, it’s true!

If you’ve been getting “analysis paralysis”, scratching your head and trying to figure out what niche market you should focus on, do some research, select a niche market and start heading toward it. If you’re off course, I promise you, the market will correct you.

Consider this when Selecting your Niche Market

If you’re not heading in the right direction, the market will quickly give you the necessary feedback that will help you adjust your niche. Don’t get overly concerned that what you decide today is a fixed decision. Be prepared to change your niche as the market demands.

Be prepared, you may at first select the wrong area or niche market to focus on. Many successful small business marketing experts have made that same mistake.

It’s very interesting how areas of expertise can change. But you can only change your direction if you have already set out in one to begin with.

Learn from Marketing Experts – Bob Burg, Dan Kennedy

Bob Burg is the author of a book called “Endless Referrals.” He is now positioned as a referral expert and an expert on helping people to generate referrals for business.

When he first started out, his niche market was memory experts. He noticed that people who took his memory courses wanted to improve their memory to remember the names of people they’d met at networking meetings and events. They wanted to improve their memory to achieve better business results.

As he spotted that connection, he started to focus more on being the referral expert. No one accused him of being a fraud because he was now a referral expert instead of a memory expert. The market let him know in which direction to steer his business.

When you set course in your chosen direction, look for niches and markets where it’s going to be easier for you to establish personal relationships and position yourself as an expert.

If the niche market you do choose turns out to be an enormous amount of effort, you have to weigh whether or not it’s worth your while to continue down that road or take a different road to get business.

When Dan Kennedy, the marketing expert, was invited to submit a proposal to give a speech in Switzerland, he opted out. While plenty of other people would jump at the opportunity, and spend a day putting together a proposal to bid, that is not the way he wants to go after business. Perhaps it didn’t seem worthwhile to spend the time writing the proposal. The point is that you have to make the determination of how you want to do business.

Your niche market will evolve with your business. It’s an actual evolution that happens in most any business. In my own business I have seen this happen too. I started out as specializing, by trial and error, as an effective cold calling expert. But I didn’t stop at teaching cold calling techniques. Today, I’m teaching people how to find new business.

One niche market I specialize in is helping small businesses market to big business. I help small business owners land big contracts. When you’re marketing to corporate clients it’s very important to target a specific niche. That way your corporate client will see you as an expert!

My encouragement to you today (especially if your goal is to attract corporate clients) — is to select your niche market. Make a decision now and go for it. If you need to change down the track then let the market guide you.

When you let the market guide you, then you’re guaranteed success.

Direct Mail for Taco Stands

All businesses must advertise and that includes small businesses that you would never consider. For instance Taco Stands need to advertise and if you notice that is why they usually have rather large funky signs to attract customers and yes this is affective, but it takes more than simple signage to maintain the customer base needed to propel such a small business and insure their success.Taco Stands must consider localized, affective ways to advertise on a shoe string and they must capitalize on such marketing and advertising programs, which serve their local markets. Direct-mail and direct-mail marketing coupon packages for taco stands makes sense because people are always hungry and the taco stand makes more money when it sells more tacos.Taco stands generally have most of their customers coming from a 6-mile radius and it makes sense to send out direct-mail marketing packages to people within that area. “Buy two tacos and get one free” is a potential coupon. Also taco stands should realize that the days, which they are the slowest should be the days when the offer is good and this brings in customers on their off days and non-peak period times. Please consider this in 2006.

The Growing Network Marketing Field

These days, it’s getting tougher and tougher to differentiate between those who are passionate, ambitious individuals with legitimate people skills, and those who are just looking to make a quick buck. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the former group tends to get unfairly lumped in with those in search of get rich quick schemes. However, the best way to tell the businessmen/businesswomen from the fakers is by looking at the fruits of their labor.

Direct sales (MLM) is the purest form of business left alive in today’s modern America. Also called Network Marketing, it requires a type of caliber in a person that can’t necessarily be taught. One needs to be able to see a need in a person, and find a way to speak to it without coming across as pushy or overbearing. And on top of all this, the person needs to have it in them to build a network of clients that they are solely responsible for. No one to get leads for them, no one to push them to sell harder, and no one to provide ways out. This is their business, and no one else’s.

As it stands today, network marketing is, across the board, creating success stories for small business owners around the world. During these extremely difficult economic times, many have found it necessary to find means of bringing in extra income on top of their barely sufficient salaries. Direct selling has provided individuals with the determination to finish a job they start the opportunity to not only make ends meet, but live comfortably after working hard at establishing creditability amongst various circles in their preferred business ecosystems. Many people have gone so far as to replace their previous salaried roles with their new-found business models, thanks to a rigorous yet rewarding career path offered to them via MLM clients.

Again, it is important to separate the businesspeople from the fakers. These are difficult times, and there are wolves in sheep’s clothing out there. Individuals who are growing desperate are turning to those who promise the world and deliver only heartache. But as the network of direct sellers grows larger and more influential, it is only a matter of time when the roles will be reversed, and the network marketing success stories shared by so many will become commonplace for those with the motivation to achieve.