Home Party Plan Marketing Information – How Can Social Media Benefit My Business’ Home Party Sales?

The astute and very pleasant Direct Sales Consultant, known by the online handle The Traveling SalesWoman, asked the following question of me?

You were the person who encouraged me to join Twitter, and I’m so grateful for that! Can you share some further thoughts about Twitter and why home party business owners should join in that conversation?

Are you are brothers and sisters fan? If so you have not missed the obvious connection between Sarah Walkers’ Greenotopia company and its’ many references to social networks and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter! And if you don’t know by now, you are no-one if you are not on twitter. I was amused to find that my vocabulary has changed considerably over the past year!

I am YouTubing, plurking, Facebooking, tweeting, blogging, linking, MySpacing, texting and a host of other things too! All these are some of the most popular social media sites and as you can see things can get pretty hairy, so I definitely recommend that you have a social media system.

Direct Sales Home Party Marketing Tip: Any task you do more than once NEEDS a procedure, system or checklist!

Before Bill Gates, no one had a personal computer! One man single handedly revolutionized the world with a dream…his dream was that every home would have a computer! His dream was to provide value to every single household in the world! Even after Bill Gates created such an incredible tool, that gave rise to the Internet, Easy Online access & E-Commerce; it STILL amazes me just how many people refuse, are afraid and/or have not taken advantage of the power of the computer and the Internet! Computers as far as I am concerned are the best social media tools (of course for the obvious reason without one you cannot access social media yep)!

I told the traveling saleswoman that social media and social networks are all about relational capital. And like any thing social media marketing is an art form. The question I often get asked by home party consultants and direct sales reps. Is why don’t they buy my product. The answer is simple, you have written a check, which came back with the red stamp mark, insufficient funds! (thanks Martin Luther King Jr. for that one).

You see people buy because:

i) they know you,
ii) they trust you
iii) they believe that you have the solution the problem which the face and
iv) for status

People don’t buy a product, nor do they buy a feature and the benefits are as they are decided upon by the story they tell themselves. Your juice drink may help me loose weight. But the story I am telling myself is that I am going to look sexy, finally that size 0 pair of jeans that I have seen on display for a year will be mine. I am going to get hit on by men….you get the picture? So if your pitch is not in line with my story…

How does all this fit into social media and social marketing? Simple, you are building relational capital, by depositing in the bank of getting to know you, getting to know all about you! And you are not only doing it with one person, no you are reaching out to many in one shot!

There are people on these sites that follow you, there are those that interact with you and those that want to see what you are about. The cool thing about social outlets is that you are King and Queen of your own little internet real estate King/Queendom!

Social media and social marketing is all about building that relational capital that gives you the all access pass to make your direct sales pitches to those who are ready, able and willing to hear what you have to say, and have the money to spend on what you have to sell. Do not under-estimate the power of relational capital!

How else do you think Pres. Barack Obama did it? I will be holding a special in a week or so about “the Pres. Obama Social Media Effect : How You Too Can Go From Zero To Hero!

For more on social media, and how to use it effectively, just Google “social media blog!”

How to Attract the Right Attention Using Emotional Direct-Response Marketing

There are loads of ways to attract attention to your business using emotional direct-response marketing.

Some people create ads with beautiful photos… some men will stand on the side of the road wearing a costume or pay someone else to wear a costume – maybe they are dressed up like a bear in 90-degree heat here in Florida, or maybe it’s a scantily clad woman standing outside in the freezing cold, up north.

Some will get on television and be outlandish or crazy, and others will appeal to your sympathy – “Buy this because it’s the right thing to do… you’ll feel better and so will your conscience.”

The problem with most of these strategies is that there’s a HUGE difference between attracting attention and attracting the RIGHT attention.

See, if you want to attract attention, you have to roust people out of their normal routines.  You have to pull them up and out of the dull and mundane habits of their lives.  You have to be able to interrupt the silent hum of their ordinary routines, yet not be so overt that you’re saying, “BUY SOMETHING!”

And while each of these techniques I first mentioned might do this to some degree, they miss out on the most critical aspect of attracting favorable attention, effectively.

They don’t direct their appeal to your prospect’s interests – they direct it to yours.

This is the problem with the lion’s share of most marketing messages.  They scream and shout and yes, even some whisper.  But the message doesn’t resonate because it’s lacking the guttural emotional self-interest people need to feel, in order to get them to take action.

Most marketing is so focused on the creation of the message instead of the answer to the question, “Why are we creating this message?”  When you focus on this instead- kind of like starting at the destination and then working your way backwards – the answers to this question allow you to start attracting the RIGHT attention using the RIGHT emotional direct-marketing.  And that… is why you’re here.

Now go sell something.

The Growing Network Marketing Field

These days, it’s getting tougher and tougher to differentiate between those who are passionate, ambitious individuals with legitimate people skills, and those who are just looking to make a quick buck. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the former group tends to get unfairly lumped in with those in search of get rich quick schemes. However, the best way to tell the businessmen/businesswomen from the fakers is by looking at the fruits of their labor.

Direct sales (MLM) is the purest form of business left alive in today’s modern America. Also called Network Marketing, it requires a type of caliber in a person that can’t necessarily be taught. One needs to be able to see a need in a person, and find a way to speak to it without coming across as pushy or overbearing. And on top of all this, the person needs to have it in them to build a network of clients that they are solely responsible for. No one to get leads for them, no one to push them to sell harder, and no one to provide ways out. This is their business, and no one else’s.

As it stands today, network marketing is, across the board, creating success stories for small business owners around the world. During these extremely difficult economic times, many have found it necessary to find means of bringing in extra income on top of their barely sufficient salaries. Direct selling has provided individuals with the determination to finish a job they start the opportunity to not only make ends meet, but live comfortably after working hard at establishing creditability amongst various circles in their preferred business ecosystems. Many people have gone so far as to replace their previous salaried roles with their new-found business models, thanks to a rigorous yet rewarding career path offered to them via MLM clients.

Again, it is important to separate the businesspeople from the fakers. These are difficult times, and there are wolves in sheep’s clothing out there. Individuals who are growing desperate are turning to those who promise the world and deliver only heartache. But as the network of direct sellers grows larger and more influential, it is only a matter of time when the roles will be reversed, and the network marketing success stories shared by so many will become commonplace for those with the motivation to achieve.