Real Estate Letters – Direct Mail Campaigns Still Work

If online marketing is such the rage, why do agents still mail real estate letters? Well, in a word or two…it’s because direct mail marketing still works!

If you’re an agent you need to market your services. You won’t get any business if people don’t know that you’re in business…and a multi pronged approach is arguably the best approach. For example, networking, handing out business cards and distributing flyers will work to your benefit.

And although mailing real estate letters is not as glamorous, or appealing, as internet marketing it can still be an integral component of your marketing plan. People still like receiving mail delivered by the postal service, despite being bombarded with more junk mail than they care to receive; so why not give them what they want?

There are other advantages to mailing real estate letters, but in this article I’ll only address three of them; decreased workload, residual payoffs and increased income. Let’s take a closer look at each to see how they can benefit you.

One. Decreased Workload – This should be an obvious one, as once you’ve written one letter you can mass mail it until your heart is content. Plus, with just a little bit of imagination you can take one letter and generate scores of other letters from it. Once you’ve done the work once you can reap the benefits for as long as you’re in the business.

Two. Residual Payoffs – A thing about letters is that they can sit around a person’s house for weeks before they get around to responding to them. And that’s okay, because they still have more shelf life than a phone call, which can be forgotten just as soon as the call is ended. In fact, it’s pretty common for prospects to call months after receiving letters, which I call “long tail marketing”. The point here is to not get discouraged if you don’t immediate results.

Three. Increased Income – Real estate sales and marketing is a numbers game and a direct mail campaign can help you spread to hundreds of people that you can potentially leverage into leads that result in listings and sales. Fifty letters a day times five days a week will result in 250 contacts per week. How many leads are you generating right now?

Summarily, real estate letter marketing campaigns can help you increase your business, to generate more prospects, get more listings and earn more commissions.

Shark Watches: How To Find The Best Surf Watches For You

In snowboarding, there’s the goggles and mittens. It’s no surprise that in surfing, there are essential accessories too.

Every surfer wants a good wave to ride. Even more so, a surfer needs to be able to adapt quickly to the ever-changing ocean tides. Having the skill and experience to navigate the waters is one thing, but we all know the ocean can be very treacherous. Sometimes, skill and experience just aren’t the only tools you should have in your toolkit – a surfer needs a surf watch.

What are surf watches?

Surf watches are important tools every surfer needs to improve and be safe in while doing the activity. The help you track the tides, check weather conditions, and monitor the temperature of your chosen surf spot. As you can see, surf watches bring a lot to improve your surfing experience. Most of them are affordable and getting your hands on one is easy in this day and age. You can easily order one today from surfing shops near me online and start wearing them tomorrow.

What should you look for to find a good surf watch?

It’s easy finding a surf watch online. Just searching for “surf watches in surfing shops near me” gives you thousands of search results. But finding a good surf watch, now that’s what you really want to do. In picking a surf watch, there are things you need to look for to make it worth your time and money. Here is a list of the features that make surf watches good.

Surfing Data

A surf watch isn’t useful if it doesn’t display surf data. It is, after all, the feature surfers need. Good surf watches should be able to dis play real-time and pre-programmed tide graphs, moon phases, and wind speeds.


Surfing is a rough ride. Therefore, you need to find a watch that can keep up with the toll surfing can give. A surf watch should be durable. This makes it an even more reliable piece of equipment.

Water Resistance

What good is a surf watch if you can’t take it to the water? Surf watches need to be water resistant to be useful when actually riding out in the water. A few dips and dives in the water are unavoidable, so look for watches that are able to handle water pressure as well, such as the Shark watches.

Performance Tracking

A dedicated surfer should be need to track his performance. Watches with stopwatches, countdown timers, and alarms is another feature to look out for.

Smart Features

Some watches can have functionalities that can be of great help to surfers. If you like it, you could look for surf watches that have wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity options. With these watches, you can store your previous records in the cloud, allowing you to better track your progress and keep track of the tides.

Personal Preferences

Design also plays a big role in choosing the right watch for you. Choosing one with the right design that suits your personality is a priority by many surfers out there. Watches like Shark watches, with plenty of great designs are sure to be an eye catcher for surfers out there.

The Growing Network Marketing Field

These days, it’s getting tougher and tougher to differentiate between those who are passionate, ambitious individuals with legitimate people skills, and those who are just looking to make a quick buck. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the former group tends to get unfairly lumped in with those in search of get rich quick schemes. However, the best way to tell the businessmen/businesswomen from the fakers is by looking at the fruits of their labor.

Direct sales (MLM) is the purest form of business left alive in today’s modern America. Also called Network Marketing, it requires a type of caliber in a person that can’t necessarily be taught. One needs to be able to see a need in a person, and find a way to speak to it without coming across as pushy or overbearing. And on top of all this, the person needs to have it in them to build a network of clients that they are solely responsible for. No one to get leads for them, no one to push them to sell harder, and no one to provide ways out. This is their business, and no one else’s.

As it stands today, network marketing is, across the board, creating success stories for small business owners around the world. During these extremely difficult economic times, many have found it necessary to find means of bringing in extra income on top of their barely sufficient salaries. Direct selling has provided individuals with the determination to finish a job they start the opportunity to not only make ends meet, but live comfortably after working hard at establishing creditability amongst various circles in their preferred business ecosystems. Many people have gone so far as to replace their previous salaried roles with their new-found business models, thanks to a rigorous yet rewarding career path offered to them via MLM clients.

Again, it is important to separate the businesspeople from the fakers. These are difficult times, and there are wolves in sheep’s clothing out there. Individuals who are growing desperate are turning to those who promise the world and deliver only heartache. But as the network of direct sellers grows larger and more influential, it is only a matter of time when the roles will be reversed, and the network marketing success stories shared by so many will become commonplace for those with the motivation to achieve.