All About Crypto Portfolio Management

The past decade has seen an exponential rise in the number as well as the investment in cryptocurrencies. It has caused significant changes in the financial market. The crypto market is highly-rewarding and presents an unprecedented opportunity to make short-term and long-term gains. However, the market is also subject to extreme volatility and frequent fluctuation.

Most retail investors invest in a popular cryptocurrency with hopes of making massive gains. However, it is not advisable to put all your eggs in a single basket. All cryptocurrencies experience a period of high rises and lows. This can cause significant financial losses for the retail investor.

Hence, it is crucial to have a risk-adjusted portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto portfolio management allows you to generate high incomes while managing your investment risk. Let us understand crypto portfolio management and its many benefits.

Crypto portfolio management

For many people, investing in cryptocurrency means buying a few Bitcoins. However, Bitcoins are just a part of the huge crypto market that consists of more than 6500 currencies.

Your crypto portfolio refers to the unique selection of cryptocurrencies you chose to buy. Investor tries to maximize their returns while reducing their risks. The value of your crypto portfolio depends on the market price of these cryptocurrencies.

However, it is essential to understand that different investors have different risk appetites. Hence, what works for someone else may not work for you.

Crypto portfolio management refers to risk management by creating a unique mix of cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Crypto portfolio management

Some of the benefits of crypto portfolio management are as follows:

1. Diversification

The benefit of a well-balanced portfolio is the diversity it offers. The Crypto market is volatile and highly unregulated. It is very often seen that the price of a cryptocurrency skyrockets and then takes a nosedive.

If you invest in a single cryptocurrency, the changes in the market value of the currency will directly impact your investment. As a retail investor, you may not be able to accommodate such fluctuations, and it can destroy your wealth.

Hence, it is advisable to diversify into a few different cryptocurrencies. This will enable the downfall in the value of one currency to be balanced by the rise in others.

2. More chances of selecting an outperforming asset

When you invest in different cryptocurrencies, you increase your chances of picking an outperforming asset. Years ago, when bitcoin was launched, nobody could anticipate its capability and future market value.

Similarly, there are a few cryptocurrencies that may achieve exponential growth in future years. Crypto portfolio management increases your chances of picking such currency.

3. Rebalance your portfolio

Crypto portfolio management allows you to rebalance your portfolio to help you maintain an adequate ratio of the asset. The gains in an outperforming cryptocurrency are used to invest in other assets to rebalance your crypto portfolio.

The Direct Mail Postcard

One form of direct marketing that can get a good response is the direct mail postcard. Postcards are a form of direct mail that are concise and to the point, plus they are more likely to get read than ordinary sales letters sent direct mail.

The Benefits of Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards are a great way to promote your business. The first reason you may want to use postcards for direct marketing purposes is that they are more likely to get read than unsolicited letters. The fact that there is no envelope to open also means that as it changes hands on the way to its intended recipient it is also likely to be seen by others who may act on your marketing message. Postcards are also relatively inexpensive to produce and they are concise, another reason why more people are likely to read them.

How to Use Postcards

Postcards can be used in a number of different ways that will benefit your marketing. You may use them as an order form, encouraging people to purchase a product from you; use them to get people to subscribe to your newsletter; or give them a special offer. Postcards can also be used to share important information and news items, or to keep in contact with your clients.

Tips for Creating Effective Postcards for Direct Mail Marketing

When creating direct mail postcards think about what you want to do with your postcard – what is your purpose for it and then create a concise marketing message with a strong call to action. Keep your message simple and ensure that it goes to a highly targeted mailing list for best results.

Postcard marketing can be a great tool for encouraging people to purchase your products or subscribe to your newsletter. They are concise and are more likely to get read by more people. Use this to your advantage and create postcards that have a clear message.

Direct Marketing – Common Mistakes

In this ever changing world there’s always something new and exciting to learn and this is also the case with direct marketing. There are many of us who ignore the fact that there is always something new and useful to find out and something that could make a huge difference in selling our packages, so we advise you to be informed before starting any marketing campaigns. Research and information go hand in hand and in the field of direct mail, both of them are essential.A common mistake with most direct mail providers is the fact that they don’t include in their package a sales letter, which is the most important part of the package. This letter creates the illusion of personal communication and people are usually trained to view letters as real mail and brochures as advertising. The best thing of direct marketing is to find out exactly what your customer wants to hear and to tell it to him in the email you send. Furthermore, don’t send any messages that don’t contain an offer, since the purpose of the email is to receive an answer.In order to be successful, a direct mail package must comprise a message meant to sell the offer and not the product itself. Make sure you have an irresistible offer in your mailing message and keep in mind that some important offers for direct marketing are: free brochure, free analysis, free consultation, free demonstration, free catalog, etc. Your offer is meant to increase the reader’s desire to receive your offer. Lack of content is the worst mistake you can make when sending marketing emails. The purpose of these messages is not to make an impact related to image and design but to generate a response within a short period of time.One of the fastest modalities of killing the response you are waiting for is being superficial. Talking vaguely, about generalities and rambling without any authority on a certain subject will not show potential customers that you understand their needs, their problems and their industries. Factual direct mail messages are a must, even if this means that you will have to spend a little more time digging for facts. Studying the product, the prospect and the marketing problem will enable you to write a good copy, one that will reach the targeted audience. In direct marketing you don’t have to save the best for the end because starting slow and ending with a great conclusion is not good enough in this sort of marketing.Successful sales letters used in direct mail include: asking provocative questions, going straight to the bottom of the reader’s concern, arousing curiosity and presenting your offer from the very beginning. The hot spots of direct marketing are: the first paragraphs of the letter, the subheads, last paragraph and the post script, so make sure you put the best in one of these places. Another frequent mistake is the poor follow up. It is essential to start making phone calls after 48 hours from when your email was sent. Thus, you can be sure that people will remember you and what you are talking about.