First Things First – Make Sure That Your Direct Mail Stands Out in a Crowd

In my daily work routine there is nothing more likely to fill me with disdain than the sight of the morning’s business mail. A stack of flat brown or white envelopes generates not one iota of enthusiasm or anticipation. OK, so it’s nice when an envelope contains a cheque as payment for work done but the bills, reminders and statements come in exactly the same sort of envelope and these always outweigh the payments.

However, the thing that really disappoints me is when one of these boring envelopes contains a promotional mailshot. It’s not that I am against promotional mail – far from it – but I am against waste. And in an instance such as this there is so much waste – waste of paper, ink, time, effort, money, resources and opportunity. The message within the envelope could be important. For example, it could be announcing a new product or it could be a money-saving offer but the likelihood of it being read are greatly reduced by the fact that it looks like a bill or a statement. Into the bin it goes.

Avoiding this scenario is a really simple task and it is something that should be adhered to by all direct marketing professionals. All that you need to do is to choose a carrier that stands out in the morning’s stack of mail. Once you have achieved that first step there is a chance that your direct mail might start to work for you!

In order to keep things flowing it would be a good idea to choose a mailer with a greater level of interest or interaction than a simple leaflet. Let’s look at some relatively inexpensive ways of creating a mailer that ticks all of the necessary boxes to create direct mail success. I will assume that the mailer will be an item that is produced in conjunction with a design agency and a commercial printer – one with paper and cardboard engineering skills. This leads me to the area of automatic 3D pop-ups and interactive mailers. There are many different styles, shapes, movements and sizes available from printers across the globe and sourcing the right product with the help of your design agency should present no problem at all.

The first major plus point of any range of automatic 3D pop-ups is that each of these marketing products is supplied with its own mailing pack which will be easily spotted in the stack of business mail that lands on your customer’s desk each morning. However, it is when the pack is opened that the 3D shapes really start to work for your direct marketing campaign. Automatic 3D pop-up products are designed to grab your customers’ attention and as they jump out of the opened mailing pack they do exactly that, ensuring that your promotional marketing effort is a success.

It is rare for automatic pop-up products to suffer the fate of many other B2B marketing promotions as they are hardly ever consigned to the waste bin. You will find that many pop-ups will stay on desks for years particularly if a little imagination is applied to the promotion. For example, one easy way to boost the longevity of your campaign is to select a pop-up that can be presented as a pen-holder such as a pop-up cube, pop-up ball or pop-up house. Another way is to print the pop-up as a calendar.

Products such as those described here are available from many different sources, most of which will be known by good advertising and marketing agencies. One major supplier is Whitney Woods Ltd.